Baby Box Swop is an international easy to follow Sensory Processing and Milestone Development programme for babies from birth to 3 years. The activities are key to the learning process and are used along with the relevant kit/toys as instructed per milestone.

We have 3 different service options which differ per country.

  • Full Nursery Box: Milestone Development activities, educational toys, baby massage sessions, rhymes, milestone checklists etc to buy no swopping required. Follow the menu link above for details.
  • Monthly Box Swops: daily sensory play activities in a box which is swopped monthly for the next theme. These boxes contain totally different programmes and content to the Full Nursery Box range. Only offered in areas that have a dedicated Swop Instructor as swopping is done one on one with you monthly, contact us for availability.
  • Weekly Play & Learn Classes: Instructor led baby classes and nanny training sessions predominantly offered in the UAE so contact us for details in SA and the UK.
  • Contact us for a list of License Holders in your area or buy your own license and offer one of our 3 services in your area info@babyboxswop.com .

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We are based in different countries using different spelling for various words, although both swap and swop are acceptable we have chosen the SWOP spelling so keep that in mind when contacting us via email info@babyboxswop.com and following us on social media. (Prices are subject to change please contact us for costs per area/country.)

HOW DO YOU ENTERTAIN BABY DAILY TO SUIT EACH MILESTONE: Often it’s difficult to know what to do with a 4 month old – for example. Our programmes solve the problem by giving you peace of mind that baby is getting the adequate stimulation per milestone age group. The activities include life skills, brain/milestone development, nursery rhymes, puppet play, baby massage, motor skills, tactile/sensory play and so much more. Appropriate per milestone covering the UK standards of :- 1-6 months, 7-12 months, 13-24 months, 25-36 months.

GUIDELINES GLOSSARY & HELPFUL HINTS: Each session highlights the learning skills you are working on during play and we add an easy to follow glossary along with our 7 step “How to teach me” tips, guidelines, words to rhymes and helpful safety hints.

GREAT FOR NANNY TRAINING: We have written our programmes with 3rd world countries in mind who often have caregivers with English being their second language. Our activities are very easy to follow so feel free to encourage your nanny to enjoy them with baby learning as the play.

MILESTONE CHECKLISTS: To help you to know what to expect as baby grows we include milestone checklists per age group guiding you through each new step from tummy time, rolling over, crawling, walking etc.

WHAT MAKES US THE RIGHT CHOICE: Following our activities gives you have peace of mind that baby is getting all the appropriate brain development, life skills interaction, milestone development and sensory play needed as they develop. Milestone goals are specific by month not year and cover: 1-6, 7-12, 13-24, and 25-36 months.

CONFIDENCE AND SELF ESTEEM: Structured interaction builds baby’s confidence, people skills and self-esteem; something that playing alone with a box of toys cannot offer.

VOCABULARY & AUDITORY DEVELOPMENT: Each activity highlights in bold the words that you need to speak to baby during that activity and can be verbalised in the language of your choice. All Full Nursery Boxes also come with both English and Afrikaans rhymes to stimulate different language development from as young as possible.

BABY WILL DEVELOP THE FOLLOWING SKILLS: stacking, sorting, finger pincer skills, shapes, colours, social skills, tactile play, number recognition, vocabulary, mid-line crossing, co-ordination, gross/fine motor skills, sensory play, brain development, rhymes, auditory/visual development, mouth muscle development, social skills, nurturing, short and long term memory, laterality/hand dominance, spatial perception, directionality and revision.

Contact us for details and costs per area: info@babyboxswop.com