Business Opportunities

Contact us to buy a licence to offer our services and/or sell our gorgeous boxes in your area! Per area we can appoint 3 different service licences namely: 1 x Full Nursery Box Sales Lady per area; 1 x Monthly Box Swop Instructor per area and 1 x Weekly Play & Learn class Instructor per area. We offer fantastic licence specials and split our licence areas into suburbs/towns so inquire for updates on which of the 3 above licences are still available per area and start your own business today! Contact email: or visit us on Facebook: BabyBoxSwop, feel free to Whatsapp: 083-296-8964 for area details. Licences are selling fast so please confirm if your desired area is still available.

  • Buy a Single Licence and offer 1 of our 3 services in your direct area at our hugely discounted rates OR
  • Offer our Full Range of services of Monthly Box Swops, Weekly Play and Learn classes and sell our Full Nursery Box range.
  • Plus Full Country Distributor Licences are also available outside SA email us for details.
  • With any of our services you would buy stock as needed either from our suppliers warehouse, online or from local suppliers.

New Boost BBS

Full Nursery Box Area Licenses: You can now buy your licence to sell our Full Nursery Box range. Milestone Development Fun and Sensory Stimulation at a once off cost no subscription needed. Years of learning fun with great mileage per toy. Including activities, glossary, guidelines, rhymes, baby massage sessions and imported high quality educational toys. The activities change per milestone age group so each toy gets used over and over as baby enjoys them differently as he/she grows – 1-6 months, 7-12 months, 13-24 months & 2-3 years. Boxes loaded with years of learning fun! Your little ones will love all the learning fun; also great for sharing with siblings of different age groups, just follow the relevant activity per toy per milestone.


Monthly Box Swop Licence: Our monthly Box Swop boxes of daily activities get swopped at parent’s door monthly. Once you’ve bought the stock the boxes keep earning you money as you swop them monthly. Collect the boxes each month, sterilise the content, top up any depleted consumables, add the appropriate milestone age group and drop it at the next mom. Buy stock locally/online and print the activities as needed following our guidelines and content list. (Prices are subject to change please contact us for updates per area.)

Monthly Box Swops

Weekly Play & Learn Session Licence: These are offered by you to moms and babies at local housing estates and venues and/or as extra murals to babies at the local play schools during the week. Your first set of sessions are emailed free of charge and you buy additional sessions as needed and your stock locally/online following our guidelines. (Prices are subject to change please contact us for updates per area.)

Weekly Play & Learn Classes

Marketing your business made easy:
We create an area Facebook page for you and assign you as the editor. You boost, post and share it following our screenshots and guidelines. Boosting and sharing your BBS Facebook page is a great way to grow your area and easy enough to do anywhere, anytime. Social media marketing is 95% more effective than the old fashioned printed adverts and media. You can get great results from minimal funds as weekly boosts can be as little as R100 for a full week – no other marketing reaches thousands at rates that low, it really works! Millions of companies are using it daily! Facebook also offers great stats to review your efforts and an easy to follow Help guide. We sell our licenses at very discounted prices to reduce your initial cash output but that means you are responsible for your own marketing so please plan ahead. Keep in mind other baby services charge huge upfront franchise fees plus monthly fees plus royalties on income so these are fantastic savings and you get to plan your own marketing efforts to suit your budget.

Welcome Photo Template

Facebook: On start-up we create your Facebook page for you with your own welcome posts containing your photos (see example above) and add our standard information, marketing flyers, banners and images all including your details where necessary. We then appoint you as Editor so you can boost, add specials and promote to your area. Its that easy!

Boosting your Facebook page. Facebook provides a fabulous platform for marketing your services to specific areas, by specific age groups and specific interests.

Facebook template

Manage your own boots and promo’s: You can boost your adds to reach thousands of local moms. We provide you with a breakdown of how to set up your boosts.

Email us at for details and costs on starting your very own BBS business in your area.