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Baby Box Swop is an international brand with offices in SA, UAE and the UK (growing internationally) offering Milestone Development and Sensory Processing boxes, activities,¬†workshops and more to moms, nannies and¬†babies from birth to 3 years. Baby Box Swop believes that proper early stimulation of your little ones senses is crucial for baby’s milestone development. We believe that milestones are there as a guide and that every little one develops at his/her own pace. Our baby boxes and sessions aim to stimulate baby’s senses and work on the milestones they should be reaching per age group. All activities are taken from existing research and are not our own interpretation on what should work. They are all tried and trusted milestone development activities grouped with highly recommended educational toys all packaged into a fabulous programme for babies to enjoy. Prevention is better than cure so stimulate baby from birth and equip them with all they need to settle into nursery and become great learners. If baby is already at nursery we offer great Play & Learn sessions at the schools to make sure your little one is a happy well-adjusted learner from as young as possible.

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Our founders have been offering extra mural programmes for many years and have found a need for programmes for babies from birth to 3 years where often no extra mural activities exist for such a young age group. The amount of reading you follow per day is kept to a minimum as the focus is on bonding with baby while you play. Caregivers looking after baby at home may not necessarily have milestone stimulation experience or know how to entertain tiny babies, with Baby Box Swop we offer a solution with structured sessions to stimulate your little angel from as young as possible as they grow.

We have had our programme reviewed by various organisations and international qualified teachers contact us for costs and details.

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The world is full of different learning styles and babies are individuals with their own strengths, needs, likes and learning styles. We understand that some parents support a teacher-directed approach while others prefer to allow the child more freedom of choice. Our programmes allow you to set the pace. No activity forces a baby to participate and parents who wish to have set structured times each day are free to do exactly that. You as the parent make the choice and are free to experiment with the different learning styles as you enjoy our sessions with baby.