Full Nursery Box


Prefer to buy boxes opposed to swopping or start your very own business by selling our gorgeous boxes in your area? Our Full Nursery Box is a gorgeous box of Milestone Development and Sensory Play activities, toys, baby massage, rhymes and milestone guidelines to keep, no swopping required, offering years of learning in one easy purchase. Our boxes consist of only the best quality imported educational toys. A Full Nursery Box is the perfect gift that will keep on giving for 3 YEARS. Eight beautiful educational toys that can be played with differently from ages 0-3! Our expertly designed early learning guide provides easy-to-follow ideas and instructions for all the different stages. Past these 3 years Mommy and baby will still reap the benefits of the lifelong bond they’ve established by playing and learning together. Now with additional Afrikaans + English rhymes to stimulating different language development from birth!  Sign up today to sell these gorgeous boxes in your area, first come first serve email: info@babyboxswop.com


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Full Nursery Box offering years of milestone development fun that grows with baby – one easy purchase and great mileage per toy. Buying toys for babies from the toy store can very frustrating as we all know babies need to be taught how to play – if you’re lucky they give you some idea on how to use it for one age group but most toys expect you to figure out how to use them to stimulate baby’s milestones. With your Full Nursery Box we send you 8 imported high quality wooden and fabric toys designed by early childhood specialists along with all OUR activities on how to use each toy at each new milestone from birth to 3 years. Regardless of the limited instructions you normally get with the toy you can now use the same toy differently as baby grows, or use the same toy differently for siblings of different age groups, making the toys last and stimulating different key areas during babies first few years.

  • The toys we use are very durable and help you make the fun last by knowing how to use them from birth on route to 3 years. Order your Full Nursery Box today, not only will it complete your baby’s nursery it will also help mom, nanny and dad understand what milestones are being met at what age group and how play can prep baby for nursery school. We also include rhymes; puppet play and baby massage sessions and add milestone checklists and a glossary of learning terms. A great way to encourage any caregiver to help baby learn through play!
  • Our Full Nursery Box gives you peace of mind that baby is getting the adequate stimulation daily from as young as possible! Suitable for any of these age groups: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 7-12 months, 13-24 months, 2-3 years.
  • Baby will develop the following skills: stacking, sorting, finger pincer skills, shapes, colours, social skills, tactile play, number recognition, vocabulary, mid-line crossing, hand-eye co-ordination, gross/fine motor skills, brain development, sensory play etc.
  • Use baby’s home language: although written in English each session highlights in bold the words you need to verbalise to baby during the activity so feel free to verbalise in baby’s home language to encourage vocabulary and auditory stimulation from as young as possible.
  • Great mileage per toy! Keep in mind moms receive the full set of activities as baby grows so the toys can be enjoyed at different learning stages because a 3 month old will develop different skills with a toy than a 3 year old.
  • Each session highlights the LEARNING SKILLS you are working on during play and we email an easy to follow GLOSSARY and fun Rhymes to help. Our HOW TO TEACH BABY guidelines add to the learning fun. Great for mom, dad and/or nanny to enjoy with baby. BABY MASSAGE sessions included giving you great mileage per toy and years of learning fun for baby!
  • Why boxes cost the price they do – understanding the value? Remember you are also paying for the valuable activities, baby massage sessions, rhymes etc etc not just toys. The toys and activities have been very carefully selected so with one purchase a mom can outlay her nursery with years of milestone and sensory development covering a full set of learning skills, this is not just toy value. If you had just bought one toy over the counter at a toy store it would only be relevant for one age group as shown on the packaging but using the toy with our activities give the toys years of growth and safe enjoyment as baby grows and develops. For 8 imported educational toys (designed by early childhood specialists), plus full activities, milestone checks, baby massage sessions, rhymes, glossary guidelines our fee is very reasonable especially worked out per toy (each with activities from 0-3 years) = years of learning fun.
  • PORTION PAYMENTS: where moms get to pay off the box in 2 or 3 payments and receive portions of the toys and activities each month. This is only available in areas where our sales ladies choose to keep smaller stock portions please enquire per area as they need to manage their stock orders carefully.
  • BUY: Please see the CONTACT link for the nearest sales lady in your area (updated prices and specials provided per area.)
  • see summary product jpg below, email or WhatsApp 083-296-8964 for more info.Peg

Feedback from Moms:

  • “Yes we have received our box…thank you! I am very impressed with the range of toys supplied as well as the sessions. To be honest, I haven’t had a chance as yet to implement anything, but am planning on making it a part of our daily routine from next week. Will take pics as we go and send through. Thanks again! Kind regards Nathalie”
  • “Hi Jasmine, thank you for the follow up. We are thrilled with the box and the equipment is beautiful and an excellent quality. Baby is only due at the end of May so i have some time to wait before being able to use it. Will be in touch. Kind regards Tanya.”
  • “Hi Jasmine, We LOVE it!!!, Regards Lucy”
  • “Got my Baby Box and LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much” Suzanne


Contact us for details and latest pricing and availability. Email us on info@babyboxswop.com