T’s & C’s

Please note our Terms and Conditions:

  • Please note once you enquire we keep you on our database and send updates with specials and info. If you no longer wish to receive reminders/updates/specials from us, kindly just email with the word “Unsubscribe” and we’ll update our list.
  • Please note delivery is not included and needs to be paid up front with the box fee.
  • It is very important that baby is never unsupervised while playing. It remains the responsibility of the parents and caregivers to ensure safe supported play and that items are not chewed or put into baby’s mouth.
  • It is important to note that all content, boxes and programmes are the property of Baby Box Swop (Pty) Ltd and it is an offense to copy, loan or reproduce any part of the box content and/or programme.
  • All prices quoted are subject to change and run for a limited period. 
  • It is important to note that this is not just a box with toys but a milestone programme to be followed with supervision, refunds will not be issued so please be clear on expectations.
  • We at Baby Box Swop realise that different countries/individuals use different spelling for various words, although both swap and swop are acceptable we have chosen the SWOP spelling so keep that in mind when writing us emails and searching for us on the web. 
  • We may use couriers for certain deliveries. These will be independent couriers that have no affiliation to BBS and therefore we are not responsible for delivery times etc. You will be provided with their contact number and waybill for queries.
  • We will not be required to refund any License Holder and/or client so please be clear on expectations and your ability to grow your own business and/or provide safe play for baby.
  • We will not be held accountable for the negligent or intentional misconduct on behalf of the License Holders and specifically excludes vicarious liability in such regard.
  • Head Office does not take any responsibility for the success your business; this is the responsibility of each License Holder. We provide you with fabulous discounts on license fees to start your own business with minimum capital outlay so please understand that therefore stock is not included you buy stock as needed.
  • License Holders are responsible to grow their own business and do their own marketing, buy stock and manage clients.
  • We have offered our licences at fantastic discounts and work on a trust basis with all royalty payments so if little and/or no royalties get paid monthly we will assume that you are not actively growing your business and/or you are withholding royalties.
  • If areas do not show growth/pay their royalties fairly and on time each month additional License Holders can be appointed to grow our business in your area at the discretion of the BBS Directors.
  • By proceeding with your order/license you agree with our terms and conditions and agree that Baby Box Swop (Pty) Ltd, it’s Directors and/or any of its associates, Instructors and Franchise Holders are not responsible for any loss or damage to property or person which may arise prior to, during or after using our programmes/sessions.